1. Plot Three Years After the events of Jurassic Park III Dr. Hammond Created A Daspletosaurus Exhibit. But At Night A kid Shut off The Electricy And Spinosaurus Broke Free And Soon Daspletosaurus Found An Intruder. So A New Battle Went On Spinosaurus Tried To Break Daspletosaurus' Neck But Missed Soon Daspletosaurus Broke Spinosaurus ' Neck And Daspletosaurus Roared In Victory. But The Daspletosaurus Soon Went On A Quest And Finds A lone T-rex And T-rex Joined The Quest. But soon They Find A Tarbosaurus And Tarbosaurus Joins The Quest But Then A Torvosaurus Busted Of The Trees And Overpowered Daspletosaurus And Trex Bit The Neck And Twisted The Torvosaurus's Neck The Torvosaurus Roared In Pain.
  2. Then Torvosaurus Died From Blood Loss. A Therzinosaurus Was Fighting A Daspletosaurus The Daspletosaurus Killed The Therzinosaurus From Twisting Its Neck.But Then The Infant Daspletosaurus And The Infant T-rex Played Together On The T-rex Nest The T-rex Let The Daspletosaurus Into The Nest To Lay Eggs]


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