Velocimactan (Swift Spider) is the name of a massive genus of Latrodectus or Southern Black Widow Spider. It was created by InGen on the island of Isla Nublar where they managed to establish the amusement park known as Jurassic Park.


InGen scientists were not only trying to bring back the dinosaurs of the prehistoric world; they also wanted to make other species big. They secretly experimented with that of Black Widow Spiders; primarily creating enormous spiders with the use of the original dinosaur DNA. This spider was created in order to create silk for new armor on Military body armor; combining it with other forms of alloys.

In the unexpected shutdown of power; these spiders escaped and killed off multiple people before escaping in the wild. They made their homes throughout the whole island and have fed off of multiple creatures.

20 Years Later

For the last 20 years; the Velocimactan have thrived on Isla Nublar and have lived in peace; however during their life; they have had encountered humans such as Sara Murphy and Aaron Grant. By this time; it was discovered that their blood contains an enzyme that can enhance the human body, so long as they keep it sustained with fresh blood from different animals; including humans.


Much like their smaller counterparts; these spiders are indeed Southern Black Widow Spiders; however are enhanced in size. They utilize the same characteristics as a Black Widow; including it's poison, creation of webs and performing sexual cannibalism after it mates. They are also known to be faster than an average human and capable of feeding on their blood within 7 seconds. They can be killed by any form of conventional weapon developed by modern man.

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