I haven't been around for a while, but there's a good reason I'm about to explain. Hello to all the new users that have joined, and all your stories are looking awesome :)

If you're an older user you've probably heard that I was thinking of filming a Jurassic Park spoof. Nothing big, just a nice, old-fashioned swede-type thing (swedes being cheap humorous remakes of films, if you're not already familiar). It was kind of a joke I battered around for a while, and made a blog post about. Starscream7 and Dr.Mollica are the only users who've really done an actual JP film.

Well, it's not a kind of joke anymore. This thing is now live and official, and I'm pretty darn happy about it. You can probably hear me at the computer now..."squeeeeeeeeee!"

It's been a week since this film was made official, and we have 6 people to do it. We've been looking over things, and I think this is probably going to be the most epic swede in the history of the Internet up to this date. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but what the hey. You'll see when I put it up. But I assure you it will be ridiculous and hilarious.

We haven't started any production or anything yet, but hopefully we'll commence filming at the end of May and it may be out on youtube sometime in September.

Hold on to your butts...

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