I've decided to make semi-regular updates about the spoof a la Starscream7's updates about Jurassic Shark (which is really cool btw). Thanks for the idea :) However, these updates will be sporadic at best, so don't expect any linear schedule here. That said...

This was the first day of filming. No script, no dialogue, no nothing. Less than a minute total of footage. But it is very GOOD footage. For the opening sauropod scene, we decided not to bother making a sauropod so instead we went over to Field Station: Dinosaurs instead, and filmed the moving Argentinosaurus. Video filming is OK for personal use, and since we're not selling something or anything like that, I figured it was alright. This is by no means going to be the norm for the dinosaurs; all the rest will be done by hand. But for the first dinosaur in the film I figured that it would be a nice scene before the loopy-looking cardboard dinosaurs show up.

The next day of filming won't be for a while, most likely during the last week of August. But we got these "surprise" bits of video in which we can intercut with scenes with people that we can put in later. So, the chaos begins :)

This won't be in the film, nor had I ever intended it to be, but I figured you might enjoy this Quetzalcoatlus I happened upon.

Quetzie FSD

QE 02:29, August 18, 2012 (UTC)