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Tyrannosaurus rex (tye-RAN-oh-SAWR-us-recks) is one of the most well-known of all dinosaurs. It is no longer considered the largest of the theropods, with only Spinosaurus being ahead of it, but it is certainly the most powerful. Tyrannosaurus was the last and largest of the Tyrannosaur family, or tyrant dinosaurs.

Like other tyrannosauridae, Tyrannosaurus had very short arms with only two fingers. Although these were probably nearly useless while hunting, its jaws were not: Tyrannosaurus has an enormous skull armed with teeth the size of bananas. Unlike the teeth of most carnivorous dinosauria, the teeth of tyrannosauridae are very thick and capable of crushing bone. The skull and neck bones show that T. rex had the largest neck muscles of any carnivorous dinosauria. It likely used its strong neck to twist and pull off large portions of flesh that it grasped with its jaws. Tyrannosaurus could bite with extremely strong force - one fossilized skeleton shows that it crushed and swallowed the bones of a smaller plant-eating dinosaur.

Proper Spelling

Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most famous dinosaurs(despite the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus arguements) and often the name is mispelled, common misspellings include:

  • Tyranosoaras
  • Tyranosaurus
  • Tyeranasaurus
  • Tyrannasourus

And for the abbreviation:

  • T-rex
  • Trex

The proper spelling is Tyrannosaurus rex, Tyrannosaurus or T. rex. In common Jurassic Park media, the abbreviation T-rex is common but the proper is T. rex.

Appearances in Jurassic Park Movies

Jurassic Park

Tyrannosaurus Nublar

The female Tyrannosaur attacks in Jurassic Park

In the 1993 film Jurassic Park, T. rex appears as the focus antagonist.

In Jurassic Park the Tyrannosaurus was to be one of the main attractions at Jurassic Park, but failed to appear on its first tour. Later that night Dennis Nedry deactivated the island's power causing the Isla Nublar Incident and stranding the vehicles right near the T. rex paddock.

After being attracted to the waving flashlight in the lead car, the female attacked the car with Tim and Lex Murphy inside and its passengers. Ian Malcolm drew the female away and was injured. She then proceeded to eat Donald Gennaro due either to territorial or hunting instincts (one goat would not be nearly enough to keep it full). After failing to pinpoint Grant and Lex's location (the dark lighting was the only cause for it's motion-sensitive eyes), it attempted to flush them out by pushing the wrecked lead car down the road and off a steep incline in its enclosure.

Later, when Ellie and Muldoon arrived in a jeep searching for Alan Grant and the children, the female returned and promptly charged at their jeep, pursuing it out of the vicinity, then ended the pursuit just as they crashed through an outstretching tree.

As Dr. Grant and the children were making their way through the park, they were nearly trampled by stampeding Gallimimus, which were running from the Rex. She came bursting out of the woods and killed one of the Gallis. Her final appearance was as the unlikely heroine, bursting into the Visitor Center and killing the raptors that were about to kill the survivors.

The female in this film is supposedly the largest Tyrannosaurus seen in the series with many trading cards listing her size as 46 feet long and 21 feet tall. This makes her one of the largest T. rexes on record.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Tyrannosaurus appears again as the focus antagonist in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Three tyrannosaurs are featured: a male, a female and their infant.

Roland Tembo captures the infant to lure the male into the open so he can capture it. The infant is rescued by Dr. Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen, who then put a temporary cast on its broken leg. Unfortunately, the cries of the infant draw its parents to the research trailers. Dr. Harding releases the infant in hopes that the adults will leave, but they attempt to dispose of the invaders by pushing the trailers over a nearby cliff and into the sea. Eddie manages to keep them from falling, but the adults return unexpectedly, angered by his efforts to save them, and proceed to tear through the car and eat him.

They later pursue the group, now traveling with Ludlow's  party and kill a number of people. Roland manages to use a tranquilizer on the male and shoot him down, which is transported to San Diego on the ship S.S. Venture.

Despite the being restrained a cage would barely allow it to move, the Rex breaks free and devours the crew during the journey and is accidentally released after the ship smashes into the dock. Dehydrated and hu

Diego Rex

San Diego in sight... with a 43 foot Tyrannosaurus

ngry, the Rex rampages through the city in search of food and water, finding the latter in the form of a swimming pool and the former in the form of a pet dog. Although the dog's owners find the Rex after their son is awakened by its loud growl, we do not know if they are eaten or not.

Doctors Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding retrieve the infant from a secure facility that it was brought to via helicopter. They use it to lure the adult back to the S.S. Venture, placing it in the cargo hold. Ludlow goes in to recapture it, but is trapped when the adult descends behind him and leaves the rest of the killing to the infant. Sarah manages to use a tranquilizer on the adult before an attempt was sent out to kill it, and it and its infant are transported back to Isla Sorna to rejoin the female.

The number of deaths is not specified but it seems that several were caused by panic rather than by the Rex itself. The T. rex did however, cause considerable material damage, most notably knocking a bus in a Blockbuster video store. The male Tyrannosaurus was 19.5 feet tall and 43 feet long. The female was 18 feet tall and 40 feet long. The infant was 3 feet tall and 6 feet long.

Jurassic Park III

A sub-adult male Tyrannosaurus is featured briefly in the third movie of the Jurassic Park franchise.

He is stumbled upon feeding on a hadrosaur by Alan Grant, Amanda Kirby, Paul Kirby and Udesky. He chased them, leading them back to the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. The tyrannosaur roared to try and ward the Spinosaurus away but the fully grown spinosaur stood its ground. The T. rex slammed the spine-lizard to the ground and was seemingly dominating the fight until the more mature predator gripped hold of the Tyrannosaurus's neck and snapped the sub-adult's neck. This allowed Grant and crew to escape.

Tyrannosaurus is later mentioned by Eric Kirby when Alan Grant picked up a pile of rex urine. He mentioned that it scared away smaller predators but attracted a "really big one" which could be a Spinosaurus, a larger Tyrannosaurus or, as some fans theorize, even one of these though they're still non-canon.

Jurassic World

A Tyrannosaurus makes an appearance twice in the forth move of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World. The first was brief, watching the Tyrannosaurus feeding, however the second was less brief and happened at the end of the movie.



Tyrannosaurs were depicted as apex predators and as such spent a lot of time following game trails. They seemed to prefer to ambush prey animals, and it was once thought that this was possibly because of their motion sensitive eyesight, which has since been disproved. It was once theorized that most prey animals freeze when afraid because the Tyrannosaurus supposedly lacked the ability to see stationary prey. In actuality, Tyrannosaurus have excellent binocular vision. The Tyrannosaurus are not random killers, however, and are less likely to attack when full.


In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Tyrannosaurus is shown as being a protective parent. Tyrannosaurus are shown to pair off during mating, and both parents will remain with their offspring during its growth, exhibiting very powerful parenting and protective instincts, going to great lengths to ensure an infant's safety. Tyrannosaurus are territorial by nature, and will attempt to drive away anything that might be deemed dangerous, whether animate or not. They are known to be efficient parents, with both male and female keeping close guard over infants and bringing them food for a considerable matter of months. They will ferociously defend their offspring during this stage from predators and humans, and will even travel far outside their native territories to find them if they get lost. Like most predators, they presumably teach their young how to hunt once the time comes.


Jurassic Park

  • Donald Gennaro
  • Velociraptor pack
  • 1 goat
  • Galimimus

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park III

  • Hadrosaur

Jurassic World

  • 1 goat

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