DON'T EDIT THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.Tyrannosaurus Rex or Tyrannosaurus (JPIV:P9449) is used in Jurassic Park IV:Extinction (Pythor9449) as the main  dinosaur prognanoist.It is The King Of The Dinosaurs. 

Feeding and Killing Style

The Tyrannosaurus Rex wouldn't kill randomly,it would kill when it was hungry.It would target the prey's neck to kill it quickly and avoid a struggle.


The Tyrannosaurus Rex's behavior is explained here.


The Tyrannosaurus Rex would ambush,chase,scavenge,fish,etc.It would lie in wait,sometimes for hours,then chase they prey down until it killed it.If it was near some sort of water,it would fish and drink from it.When there was a carcass,it would scavenge it.This made Tyrannosaurus Rex a successful organism.


Tyrannosaurus Rex was a very protective parent,often bringing the young food and protecting them all the time.One parent left the nest to hunt while the other watched over the young.If something approached the nest,they would attack fiercely,the organism deemed dangerous or not.This made Tyrannosaurus Rex a good parent and helped the young survive to adulthood.


Tyrannosaurus Rex would prey upon multiple animals.

  • Edmontosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Corythosaurus
  • Torosaurus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Alamosaurus
  • Amphicoelias
  • Anatotitan agilis(made up)
  • Ouranosaurus
  • Paralitian
  • Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Xenocaeratops
  • Titanoceratops


In 2002, it was transported to Isla Tyrannus as a juvinile. It killed a worker. A family was born on the island. They are terrorizing the island, having killed two other carnivores and lost to an Oxalaia. Later, it will have a final confrontaion with an arch-rival.

Enemy Poll!

Guess which dinosaur will fight Tyrannosaurus Rex at the climax of JPIV! PS. I already have the enemy down, this is just to guess and see if you're right. 

T.rex's enemy!

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Role in the Orginal Jurassic Park Films

Section: Role in Orginal Jurassic Park Films, Tyrannosaurus Rex Ultimus.

Differences between Male and Female

Here are the differnces between male and female Tyrannosaurus Rex.



Male Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • Foot-long horns
  • Longer arms
  • Shorter tail
  • Shorter legs
  • 3-foot(1m) spikes from skull to club
  • Longer teeth and talons

Female Tyrannosaurus Rex.


  • Longer Legs
  • 7-inch long horns
  • Foot-long spikes from skull to club
  • Shorter arms
  • Shorter teeth and talons
  • Longer tail

Breeding and Mating

The Tyrannosaurus Rex could have 1-12 kin at a time.They would rear their young carefully,to ensure they survived until adulthood.They are very protective of their young,with one leaving and the other staying.Their mating season was from Spring to Summer.They would mate by having the male stand on the female's back and roar,showing they are mates.


These are the organims Tyrannosaurus Rex killed.

  • A worker
  • Lewis Dodgeson
  • Giganotosaurus
  • Amphicoelias
  • Carcharodontosaurus


  • It was the second longest and tallest carnivourus dinosaur,losing only to Spinosaurus Aegypticus(JPIV:P9449).
  • Misspellings include Tyrannasaurus,Tyrannasourus,Tyrannasoraus,Tyeranasaurus,Tyrannasourus,Tyranosoraus,Tyranasoraus.
  • It was the heaviest carnivourus dinosaur,at 15-16 tons(30,000-32,000lbs).

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