This is the sequel and continuation of the short story, The T-Rex Returns, by FNines. Please do not copy this story or it's predecessor. Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence throughout.

The T-Rex pounced, as his father had tought him. He landed on the Spinosaur's side and chewed at its ribcage. The Spinosaur growled and stood up, hitting its head on the on the roof of the cave. The two dinosaurs circled each other, each thinking the other a good meal. The Spinosaur attacked first, ramming into the T-Rex and pushing him to the side of the ledge that the cave sat on. The ground was 500 metres down. The T- Rex tried to put distance between him and the ledge, but the Spinosaur made a lunge for his neck and they both went tumbling down. The Spinosaur roared louder than ever before as the rocks dug into his back. The T-Rex did the same, and then snapped at the Spinosaur's neck. To his surprise, he actually managed to bite the Spinosaur. He pulled his head back hard. Then he saw the ground rushing to meet him, and all went black.

The T-Rex awoke to see a man, a human man, staring at him.

"You took quite a fall, my friend," the man said. The T-Rex tried to bite him, but the pain on his right side was too much. He realised he couldn't have bitten him anyway; the man was behind glass.

"We couldn't recover your Spinosaur friend, unfortunately," the man continued. "You seem to have killed him." The T-Rex growled triumphantly.

"I suppose you want to know where you are. My name is Simon Masrani, and you are going to be one of the main attractions at Jurassic World."

The End.

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