Two new monsters,Baryonx and Carnotaurus are wandering around.

A Hadrosaurus is dropped into their cages,and the predators quickly kill the prey.

Grant and Ellie gasp,as they have never seen Baryonx and Carnotaurus before.

A much larger creature,Acrocanthosaurus, is loudly roaring for food,and scares the Baryonx and the Carnotaurus away.

"Are,Carcharodontosaurus,Giganotosaurus, and Acrocanthosaurus a Carcharodontosaur or an Allosaur,I know they are in the superfamily Allosauroida.",Grant says.

Hammond says"It goes like this:Superfamily:Allosaurioda,Family:Carcharodontosaur."

Grant says"Thank you Hammond,I was just curious because some say Carcharodontosaur,and some say Allosaur."

The Acrocanthosaurus finally gets food,in the form of a Sauroposiden.

The carnivore jumps on the back of the massive sauropod,breaking it's back.

The massive herbivore feels it's bones in it's neck and back breaking,and the last thing Sauroposiden sees is the wide open jaws of Acrocanthosaurus.

"Come,there's something I want to show you all.",Hammond quotes.

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