Thomas the Tank Engine in Jurassic Park is a 2015 Thomas & Friends crossover film of Thomas & Friends and Jurassic Park.


On a dark night on the volcanic island of Isla Nublar, several workers evacuate to the emergency bunkers after and InGen Worker is killed by a Velociraptor. But there are plains to make sure that there won't be anymore attacks like that.

The next morning, on the island of Sodor, Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends, Percy, Toby, James, Edward, Henry, Gorden, Emily, Duck, Donald and Douglas, Bill and Ben, Timothy and Marion are at a dig site watching paleontologists dig up the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Sir Topham Hatt, along with his mother, Devourger Hatt and his wife, Lady Hatt have arrived in Winston to see the T-Rex skeleton as well. "This dinosaur skeleton will be a great add to the Sodor Museum.", Sir Topham Hatt said to a paleontologist named Dr. Alan Grant. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler were two paleontologists that have just arrived on Sodor who Thomas brought to the dig site in Annie and Clarabel. Thomas and the other engines loved to watch people dig up dinosaurs. "Just imagine what it would be like to see a real live dinosaur.", Percy said. Thomas just laughed telling Percy that he and the other engines (especially Marion) know they couldn't, and nether can anyone else. Because they all died out and disappeared millions of years ago, and the dinosaurs at Sir Robert Norramby's dinosaur safari attraction are just fake statues.

Just then a helicopter came down, but it wasn't Harold, it was a white and blue helicopter. He landed in the side of the dig site beside Emily and a man in a white shirt with a beard, wearing glasses, wearing a white hat and has a cane with a yellow see through ball with a bug inside it on the top. The man walked up to Alan and Ellie and Sir Topham Hatt and his wife and mother. The man's named was John Hammond, who explains to Sir Topham Hatt and the paleontologists that he owns an island. An island that's a few miles away from Sodor. Hammond explains to Sir Topham Hatt, the paleontologists and the engines that there's a special theme park on it. "What kind of park is this?", Thomas asks to John Hammond. Hammond explained to Sir Topham Hatt, the paleontologists and the engines it's right up there alley. They soon get excited and decided to go.

The next day, Alan and Ellie, along with a scientist named Ian Malcolm, a lawyer named Donald Gennaro (also known as, the Blood Sucking Lawyer) and Hammond got into the white and blue helicopter, who's name is Jade. Who Thomas and the other engines also became friends with at the dig site. Sir Topham Hatt, Lady Hatt and Devourger Hatt got into Harold, who was also gonna fly to the island, while the engines were loaded onto a large boat at Berndam Docks, so they can go to the island as well. Jade flies the Alan, Ellie, Ian, Donald and Hammond to the island with Harold following him carrying Sir Topham Hatt, Lady Hatt and Devourger Hatt. The boat carrying Thomas and his friends to the island follows too. On the way, the engines wonder what kind of park it's going to be. Percy believes it's going to be a park that's just like the Sodor Carnival. James believes it's going to be an animal park, just like the one back on Sodor.

After traveling for a few minutes across the sea, they arrive on Isla Nublar. There Jade and Harold land of a helicopter pad, while the boat with Thomas and his friends on it arrives at the Isla Nublar Harbor. The engines meet two red and white jeeps named Miles and Angela. Percy asks them what kind of park is on the island, and the jeeps tell him to, "Just wait and see." Alan, Ellie and Hammond jump into Miles, while Ian, Donald, Sir Topham Hatt, Lady Hatt and Devourger Hatt jump into Angela. While driving down the road, with Thomas and his friends following them down the tracks on Isla Nublar, they enter a large open field.

On the field, Alan gets shocked when he suddenly sees something. Ellie, Ian, Donald, Hammond, Sir Topham Hatt, Lady Hatt, Devourger Hatt and Thomas and his friends also look and get very shocked from what they suddenly see. Right beside them, was a very large Apatosaurus. At first, Marion thought sees just seeing things. But when she closes here eyes and opens them again, she still sees the dinosaur right beside them. Hammond says it's definitely real, a real living breathing dinosaur. Thomas and the other engines couldn't believe their eyes, nether could Sir Topham Hatt or his wife and his mother. That was also not all, right by a big lake by the Apatosaurus, was even two Microceratopses, three Parasaurolophuses, a mother Edmontosaurus with it's babies and three Maiasauras near by. Hammond gladly says to everyone, "Welcome, to Jurassic Park!" Alan Grant and Sir Topham Hatt ask Hammond how they've done it, so does Marion. So Hammond brings them over to the Jurassic Park Visitors Center to show them.

There, they learn how they've gotten the real live dinosaurs like the ones they've just saw. Long ago, there were mosquitos just like in the present, and just like in the present, they bit on animal's blood, even dinosaurs. After biting a dinosaur, the mosquito lands on a tree branch and gets stuck in the tree sap. After that, the sap gets hard and fossilizes, which is called amber. After that, Jurassic Park Scientists extract the blood from the mosquito and they find dinosaur DNA. Using frog DNA to fill in the gaps in the DNA strands to complete the codes, they finally create a baby dinosaur. In a lab, they meet a scientist named Dr. Henry Wu, who shows them an egg ready to hatch. They watch a baby Velociraptor hatch from the egg. Sir Topham Hatt asks if it's safe to have dinosaurs in a zoo, but Henry Wu tells him not to worry. At a Raptor Paddock, they watch a cow get feed to the Velociratpors. Henry felt a little sad for the cow as the engines found out that they used the cow as food for the Raptors. There, they also meet a hunter named Robert Muldoon, who believes that they should all be destroyed.

Later, two kids run up to Hammond, a big girl and a little boy, who are his grand kids, who's names are Lex and Timmy Murphy. The engines also meet two green jeeps named Roy and Katie, who are the Jurassic Park Tour Vehicles. Thomas and Percy were surprised to see that Roy and Katie had no drivers. Roy explained to Thomas and Percy that there electric. They run on a track in the middle of the roadway. Sir Topham Hatt, his wife and his mother, Alan and Ellie, Ian and Donald and Lex and Timmy board Roy and Katie to start there tour of Jurassic Park. They go through a large gate that opens welcoming them to the park. The engines follow them on the rails that travel through the island as well.

During the tour, they meet a Safari Train Engine named Alfred. There they encounter a sick Stegosaurus. Alan gets really excited, so he decides to look up close. He and everyone else go check it out. Alfred explains to Thomas and his friends that the Stegosaurus is sick, and the Dino Doctor is taking care of her. Emily had never seen a sick dinosaur, she was excited to see one up close. Marion thought it was cool too. Just them, thunder started to be heard. Donald suggests that they should get moving. Ellie decided to stay behind, Emily and Marion decide to stay behind with the sick dinosaur too. While Thomas and the other engines and everyone else left with Roy, Katie and Alfred with Emily and Marion behind with Ellie, a hard rain storm blows into the island.

Back at the Visitors Center, a fat computer worker named Dennis Nedry was planning a scheme to steal dinosaur embryos for money. He's told by his friend, Lewis Dodgson on the phone to steal them and get to the East Dock by 7 O' Clock. He shuts down the power in the whole park (except for the Raptor Paddock) and sneaks into a lab where a lot of embryos are stored. He takes embryos of herbivore dinosaurs, carnivore dinosaurs, water dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles. Then he jumps into one of the red and white jeeps (which is not a character like Miles and Angela) and drives off. Ray Arnold wonders what's going on. Hammond asks where did Roy and Katie stop. Little did they know, they've stopped right in front of the T-Rex Paddock. Bill and Ben argued with Roy and Katie, but they told the tank engine twins they could not go because there power is out. Just then, the engines heard a strange thumping sound. Henry and Duck looked down and saw the water in the puddles rumbling. Alfred gotten a little nervous, he knew what it was. Just then, Edward looked and saw the goat in the paddock (which they saw when they stopped next to the paddock) was gone. "Where's the goat?", Edward asks. Just then in a few seconds, after Edward asked his question, a leg bone landed right on top of his boiler. Thomas and the other engines, Sir Topham Hatt, his wife and his mother, Alan Grant and the others looked up and gasped. "Oh no, this is not good.", said a nervous Alfred. They suddenly saw a large claw touch one of the cables of the electric fence, and then the large head of a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex raised up from out of the trees. The T-Rex looked at the engines and everyone else. Donald Gennaro goes into a panic and jumps out of Roy leaving Lex and Timmy behind and runs right up to a near by bathroom and hides inside. The T-Rex then rips through the electric cabbies and walks out of the paddock. Percy got scared, but Thomas tells him not to worry. In Katie, Alan, Ian, Sir Topham Hatt and his wife and his mother gotten a little nervous, but knew they had to stand still so the T-Rex won't see them. In Roy, Lex finds a light and shines it in the T-Rex's eye. Alan and Sir Topham Hatt warn Lex to turn it off. "Turn that light off!", Donald and Douglas scold at Lex, but she didn't turn it off.

The hungry T-Rex walks right up to Roy and looks through his windows and sees Lex and Timmy inside. The T-Rex roars so loud, James freaks out. Gordon suggested that was even louder then Spencer's whistle. Just then, the T-Rex attacks Roy, giving him so much damage, trying to eat Lex and Timmy. Alfred blows his whistle to get the T-Rex's attention, while Alan gets a flare to distract it. "HEY!", Alan shouts, and the T-Rex look at Alan and the engines. Alan stays still and throws the flare in another direction to distract the T-Rex. But Ian suddenly gets a flare too and the T-Rex begins to chase him. The T-Rex ran right up towards the bathroom with Donald still inside it, and the T-Rex smashes the building into pieces. Ian gets knocked out and Donald gets eaten alive. Meanwhile, Alan, Sir Topham Hatt and his wife and his mother help Lex and Timmy out of the damaged Roy. Katie was very upset to see Roy badly damaged. Thomas thought that Victor could get him repaired, when suddenly the T-Rex shows up right close up to them. Alfred finds a flat bed in a siding and Roy gets loaded on to it. Lex and Timmy get put in Annie and Clarabel and the engines speed off. The engines speed as fast as they could with the T-Rex close behind. Then suddenly from out of nowhere a second T-Rex shows up. The two T-Rexes chased the engines through the jungle, one of them bangs on the side of Annie, scaring Thomas' coaches. "Must go faster!", cried Annie, "YES! FASTER!", cried Clarabel. Thomas and the other engines speed up as fast as they could. Finally the engines managed to escape the two T-Rexes before they could get a chance to eat anyone.

Meanwhile Ellie and Robert arrive at the T-Rex Paddock in Miles along with Emily and Marion. They see what just happened and find Ian, all wounded. Emily and Marion start to worry about him and start to wonder what happened to the others. They suddenly hear the T-Rex roar from the jungle. They quickly place Ian in Miles' backseat and one of the T-Rexes shows up in front of them. Emily and Marion were terrified, especially that Marion sees that it's not a fake statue this time, but the real thing. They quickly speed away from the T-Rex as fast as they could, and they manage to lose it after a short chase by it. Back at the Visitors Center, Hammond tells Ray Arnold to shut down the system. Ray does so, and it giggles the circuit breakers. Ray suggests that he could then get the power back on to the entire park. Hammond orders everyone to get to the emergency bunkers till Ray returns. Meanwhile, Dennis Nedry was trying to get to the East Dock, but his car gets stuck in the mud, and while winching it to a tree trying to get it unstuck, he gets killed and eaten by a hungry Dilphosaurus after it spits it's poison venom at him.

Meanwhile, Thomas and the other engines were heading down the tracks trying to find a way back to the Visitors Center. One the way, they saw a family of Brachiosauruses feasting on the top of a tall tree. Timmy suggests they should have a closer look. Alan, Lex and Timmy climb up the tree and see them up close. One of them lowered it's head so close to Alan, Lex and Timmy and Alan gets a tree branch to feed it. Another one lowered it's head right in front of Henry's face. Henry got a little surprised, but got used to her. The Brachiosaurus then suddenly sneezes at all Henry, "God bless you!", James laughed. The other engines and Annie and Clarabel laughed too. Poor Henry got his face covered in snot.

By 3 O' Clock by dawn, the engines go over a bridge that goes over a river. There they saw a family of Parasaurolophuses drinking from out of the river. There were also some Ankylosauruses, Pachycephalosauruses and a Mussaurus resting by the river. Percy and Timothy saw a baby Pachycephalosaurus with it's mother and thought it was cute, they also thought the tiny Mussaurus was cute too. By day light, Thomas was trying to find a sign that leads to a track that heads back to the Visitors Center. As they passed through a deep jungle, Thomas saw a sign that says, Jurassic Park Aquarium. Alfred explained to Thomas that the Jurassic Park Aquarium is the park's marine section that has the water dinosaurs like the Mosasaurus, Plesiosaur, Elasmosaurus, Kronosaurus and several other sea dinosaurs. Alfred decided to go through it using it as a shortcut to get back to the Visitors Center. As they approach the Jurassic Park Aquarium, they see the entrance of a glass tunnel and they enter it. When they enter the glass tunnel, the engines notice there under water. From outside the glass tunnel, they could see two Plesiosaurs swimming around them. Lex and Timmy got interested in them. "I Suppose this could be a nice attraction for people to enjoy.", Sir Topham Hatt suggested. Alan thought so too. in another part of the tunnel they saw a family of Ammonites, big squids with round shells. There were also Ophthalmosauruses and Ichthyosaurs, big prehistoric fish that look like dolphins.

But as they entered the Mosasaurus Tank, little did they know that there was going to be trouble. Lex and Timmy climbed out of Annie and Clarabel to take a good look at the Mosasaurus, but when it sees them, it swims right toward the glass tunnel heading right towards them, intending to eat them. It bashes it's nose on the glass of the glass tunnel, causing it to crack. Water started pouring in. Henry gotten a little nervous. Lex and Timmy quickly climb back into Annie and Clarabel and the engines move as fast as they could to get out of the flooding tunnel. The Mosasaurus starts to swim after them, bashing the glass tunnel casing more of the glass to crack and more and more water start to pour in. After nearly escaping the hungry Mosasaurus, they pass through the Elasmosaurus which also followed them as it saw them in the glass under water tunnel. The Elasmosaurus cracks some of the glass trying to get Lex, Timmy, Alan and Sir Topham Hatt and his wife and his mother too. Luckily, the engines were able to escape the Elasmosaurus just as it cracked some more of the glass. It wasn't long till they reached the end of the under water tunnel of the Jurassic Park Aquarium just before the flood waters that some of the sea dinosaurs (including the Kronosaurus) have caused rose higher.

Just as they were out of the flooding tunnel, Edward sees a sign that says, to the Visitors Center. They follow the arrow on the sign and head down the track that heads back to the Visitors Center. Meanwhile in one of the emergency bunkers, Ellie Sattler and Robert Muldoon plain to get the park's power back on again. Ellie and Robert board Emily's cab and she and Marion bring Ellie and Robert to the circuit breaker. On the way they discover the Raptors have escaped, so they must keep a look out. They arrive at the circuit breaker doorway. Robert hears the Raptor noise near by. Emily and Marion get a little scared. Robert tells Ellie to run while he takes care of the Raptors. "Got luck Ellie.", Emily says felling a little worried about her. Ellie runs into the circuit beaker building and tries to find Ray, but he was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Thomas and the other engines head over a track that goes through an open field, where they encounter a stampede of Gallimimuses. Toby worries if there carnivores, but Alan says that Gallimimuses are really toothless herbivores, but fast runners. The engines move as fast as they could while the Gallimimuses run past them. After a few seconds of moving fast while the Gallimimuses run past by the engines, they run past by far ahead of them. Gordon supposed that's one wild stampede.

As the engines continued on, they encountered a large dome. They entered a door that goes into it and saw large trees inside it. It was so foggy the engines could barely see anything. Lex and Timmy climb out if Annie and Clarabel again to look around. Just then within seconds, a shadow of a large bird appears in the fog right in front of Percy. It was a Pteranodon. Percy freaked out while Lex and Timmy did as well. Another Pteranodon swooped down and snatches Lex and Timmy and brings them back up to it's nest. The dome was reviled to be an Aviary for the flying dinosaurs. The engines follow the Pteranodons trying to find Lex and Timmy. Alan jumped out of Annie and Clarabel and looks around to find Hammond's grand kids. Just then a Dimorphodon swoops down and attacks Alan, but he manages to bash it in it's head with a rock. Alan finds a ladder on a wall and climbs up it seeing some more flying dinosaurs while trying to find Lex and Timmy. There were Pterodaustros, Dsungaripteruses, Pterodactyluses, a mother Quetzalcoatlus and other species of flying dinosaurs too. Thomas and the other engines never seen so many flying dinosaurs. They were soaring all around them. A big Pteranodon swooped down and lands on James' bowler. Then a Pterodaustro lands in front of Henry, and a Dsungaripterus attacks Percy. Alfred was able to scare them off by blowing his whistle at them. Finding a tower viewer on a platform, Alan looks through it and spots Lex and Timmy in a Pteranodon's nest. He climbs onto a tree branch and climbs over to them, able to save Hammond's grand kids before the mother Pteranodon could feed them to her babies. While Alan, Lex and Timmy climb down the tree, a Dimorphodon pecks on the broken glass of Roy's damaged windows and three more Dimorphodons surround Annie and Clarabel trying to get to Sir Topham Hatt and his wife and his mother. But the engines were able to scare the flying dinosaurs attacking them by blowing there whistles at them. Alan, Lex and Timmy climb all the way down the tree nad run back to Annie and Clarabel. Thomas and the other engines move fast to get out of the Aviary. As they move towards the Aviary exit some more Pteranodons and Dimorphodons attack them, but they manage to get away from them and get through the exit and make it out of the Jurassic Park Aviary. After escaping the flying dinosaurs, Thomas sees that he and the other engines are still on the right track that leads back to the Visitors Center.

Meanwhile, Ellie finally manages to find the circuit breaker and manages to turn to power back on again. But then she gets attacked by a Velociraptor. She finally finds Ray, but he was dead with bite marks all over his body. The Raptors have killed him. Ellie ran with two Velociraptors chasing her trying to eat her, but she manages to run out of the doorway and she jumps right back into Emily's cab. The two Raptors come out the doorway frightening Emily and Marion and they move as fast as their pistons could puff. On the way back to the Visitors Center, they take a short cut through a swamp, where they nearly escape a huge Deinosuchus. Back with Robert Muldoon, as he was about to shoot a nearby Raptor, another one shows up right beside him, and just in seconds, Robert is killed and eaten by the Raptors so fast.

Meanwhile, Thomas and the other engines make it back to the Visitors Center. Alan, Lex, Timmy, Sir Topham Hatt and his wife and his mother head back into the building, but no one was there. Pretty soon, Emily and Marion arrive with Ellie. Thomas and the other engines were glad to see them again and ask them what happened. Emily explained it was a long story. As they head inside the Visitors Center Alan calls Hammond on his phone, telling him to send Harold and Jade and the large boat to pick them up and get them off the island. Just then within seconds, the Raptors that chased Ellie in the circuit breaker building appear along with a third one. Devourger Hatt gotten scared, she fainted. Sir Topham and Lady Hatt carried her by there shoulders. Just as one of the Raptors gets a chance to eat them, the T-Rex shows up and bites the Raptor right into it's mouth. While the T-Rex fights off the Raptors Alan, Ellie, Lex, Timmy, Sir Topham Hatt and his wife carrying his mother still fainted run out the front door of the Visitors Center. Thomas and the other engines also saw what happened inside the building from outside. They watched the hungry T-Rex throw a Raptor at the wall to it's death. Hammond and Ian arrive in Miles and Angela. Alan and Sir Topham Hatt explains they will not endorse the park, Thomas and the other engines agree with them too. So does Hammond, Alfred, Miles, Angela, Roy and Katie. They soon start moving and head back to the helicopter pad.

Jade and Harold land back on the helicopter pad just as they arrived. Thomas and the other engines arrive back at the Isla Nublar Harbor. Alan, Ellie, Ian, Lex, Timmy and Hammond board Jade, while Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt carrying Devourger Hatt board Harold, when Devourger Hatt finally wakes up. Hammond was a little disappointed that the park will not be endorsed, but he also knew why too, and Alan and Sir Topham Hatt both gave a good word to Hammond. Thomas and the other engines get loaded back onto the large boat, and the two helicopters and the large boat carrying the engines start to leave the island, and start to head back to Sodor.

On the way, Thomas promises Roy that he'll get him over to the Sodor Steamworks to get him repaired. The engines also see some pelicans flying over the sea as they head back to there home island.

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