Jurassic Park Therizinospinus by hellraptor

Lenght:  18 m/ 58 feet long Height: 7 m/ 25 feet long Weight: 7 tons mix between: T-rex, Spinosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Lycaenops and Thylacine.

This large dinosaur was created after the Ultimasaurus and shown to be even more dangerous. The large claw was perfect for trashing and two guards were impaled and then eaten before it escaped. Therizinospinus has more powerfull jaws than t-rex, the spines can fill the animal with energy and the large claws works as kille weapons, other thing is that it birth living young, they are being carried around in a pouch just like the pouch on marusupial mammals.

This is a fan-made creature and not part of the original Chaos Effect toy line

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