This is Part One of a two-part story, written by FNines. Please do not copy or edit my story without permission from me. Rated PG-13 for mild violence.

Part One: Preperation:

Seven Years Earlier...

The Spinosaurus had the T-Rex in it's jaws as Amanda Kirby looked on, horrified. Then there was a sickening snap. The T-Rex fell to the dirt, dead. Unbeknownst to both Kirby and the hulking dinosaur, there was a second Tyrannosaur that day. Watching from the bushes, a baby T-Rex, the adult's son, snarled, vowing with every ounce of his primitive mind that he would have revenge.


The T-Rex had been stalking the Spinosaur for days, occasionally feasting on lone raptors that he came across. The Spinosaur was much older than when he had killed the T-Rex's father, but no less dangerous. The T-Rex knew he would have to have the element of surprise to place his revenge.

It took only a few more days to find the Spinosaur's weak spot. Every few days, the predator would rest in a cave in the jungle, where it would sleep for a few hours before continuing hunting. The T-Rex knew these hours were the perfect time to strike...

To be continued in T-Rex vs. Spinosaur: Dawn of Giants.

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