The Return of Isla Nubla


After the events of the bombing on Isla Nublar. The island was in smoke with dead trees and plant life including burned up dinosaur skeletons. But after 10 years plant life started to grow again the first sign of life rised up from the ash and began to vegetate since then. 10 years it began to become an island again and now then satelite photographs from the Biosyn Company have found the island to be vegetated and overgrown and no sign of any Ingen facilities or any park rides.

Donson the head of the Biosyn Company decided to begin his new ideas for money and populari
ty by creating a new dinosaur park to bring Ingen to its knees.

Donson hires his best scientist and park builders to create a new park on Isla Nublar again only this time he wants to create a massive research facility to begin a "new evolution" of dinosaurs. Since then he sent his best men to create the facilities and begining to create the park. Fences were put up to be prepare for the dinosaurs although they lost the can that contained dino DNA but they did...

To be Contiued...

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