It has been 2 years since the idea of a park went to hell. Unbeknownst to the public, a second island existed with dinosaurs, InGen's mysterious Site B (a.k.a. Isla Sorna). This island had more dinosaurs than Nublar, but unlike Nublar, this wasn't an amusement park, but rather a scientific outpost for studies.

But after Nublar had it's incident, the place umphed security and added more protection to the paddock fences. It had 24/7 security, top-of-the line electric fences and better mechanics, maintenance crews and others.

It was October 31st, 1995. Halloween Night. A group of teenage employees were sitting inside a vehicle repair shed fixing a jeep (IS-09). The main mechanic was a 16 year old named William Malcolm (Ian's second child). He worked at Sorna despite his father's wishes saying it was the best job he'd ever had and pointed out that he knew how to survive should the thing fail.

Standing next to William was another mechanic working on a busted fusebox named Oliver Dakker. Like William, he was 16, but was more cautious in the park and frequently thought the place was going to fail for sure.

Supervising both of them was their boss, Daniel Saoe. He was a good boss, but frequently demeaned the two and told them to give, as he put it "you're asses to death" in terms of work. The two despised him more than Ian despised Hammond.

"Get back to work you slackers!" was what he told the group.

"I need more tools to fix this thing" replied William.

"Then get them NOW!"

"..yes your majesty..." was a whispered reply by William.

William walked into the adjacent shed where another teenage employee, Joe Comet, was looking for something.

After a conversation about Saoe, Joe explained to William that John Hammond was contemplating activiating Order 05, meaning that the island would be abandoned and bombed (the very same order given by InGen to the Costa Rican AirForce). William mentions that while that would end a lot of things, it would complicate more.

When William returns, he discovers Oliver missing.

"Wheres Ollie?" he asked out of curiousity.

"Fixing cameras" replied Saoe.

"In this weather? That sounds a little pointless..."

He stopped himself when he saw a glare in his superiors eye.

Just then, Joe walked in. He told Daniel that Oliver was calling them over the radio and saying a fence was down and that he was returning to base.

You don't even need to guess his response. It was something along the lines of "get back to work" towards Oliver.

Just then, William heard a beeping sound. He went to investigate and noticed several wires were cut and busted.

"Compys broke out again" he muttered. "Better go teach 'em a lesson".

William grabbed a nearby cage and went to go look for the compies...


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