Male Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Hammond shows the group the T.rex enclousre.

The info is:

"Tyrannosaurus Rex, the King of the Dinosaurs,lived during the Late Cretaceous Period, about 100-65mya.

It was the second largest carnivorous dinosaur and the strongest carnivorous dinosaur.

T.rex was 21-23ft tall(6-7m),48-50ft long (14.5-15.3m),weighed 15-16 tons(25,000-26,000-lbs),and had a bite force of 35,000-60,000 newtons.

It's bite force was seven times as strong as Allosaurus, which we also have, fifteen times as strong as an African Lion, and three times as strong as a Great White Shark, but still weaker than Megalodon, which we also have.

It's strength matches up to Predator X, which we have too.

It lived in Montana, Wyoming, Alberta, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico,Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Satackwasin. 

The Tyrannosaurus Rex could run up to 45mph.

It was discovered in 1874, when some teeth were found.

In 1905, Barnum Brown showed Henry Fairfield Osborn a bone, and he called Tyrannosaurus Rex, meaning "Tyrant Reptile King."

"Wow, I hope it doesn't break out."Grant said.

"Indeed", Hammond quoted.

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