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T-Rex Adventures II is sequel to my other fanfiction, T-Rex Adventures. If you like adventure stories then you should read T-Rex Adventures.


Maschy Ernart steered the HMS Rockweaver between the islands. He was off the coast of Isla Sorna. Suddenly the Rockweaver was torn to pieces by an unknown terror.

Chapter 1: Babies

Rex and the gang were super happy. Argos, Rex's mortal enemy was killed. Axerenas, on the other hand was greived. Argos was her mate, with whom she was pregnant with. Then, one day, her eggs hatched. The young spinosaurs's names were Draco, Ajax and Megara. Izzy had also lain another egg. It also hatched. The baby's name was Psyclone. Sadly, Azraptor's mate, Milly, was attacked and killed by a pair of grey arms. Rex walked through some foalige and just dodged an attack. Meanwhile, Draco had been kicked out of the spinosaur family because he acidentaly bit Ajax's tail. He saw Rex and, in Dino Talk, told him what happened. Rex offered Draco a place in his group. Draco accepted the offer. Just then, a dimorphodon swooped down and mutated with Draco, turning him into a Dracosaurus Alpha. He grew wings in the transformation.

Chapter 2: M-Rex!

Something stomped through the jungle. It was Mecha Rex, otherwise known as M-Rex. It was a robotic version of T-Rex. The Grey Arms belonged to it. It killed 5 herbivores a day to fill its enormous diet. Soon, It unsuspectedly walked out of the bushes. Rex attacked M-Rex, causing it to run away. A sudden thing crashed onto the ground in the forest. It was a helicopter belonging to Alan Grant. He ran out but was killed by a velociraptor. M-Rex ate the helicopter and got bigger.

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