DO NOT EDIT THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.Spinosaurus Aegpyticus (JPIV:P9449) is used in Jurassic Park IV:Extinction (Pythor9449) as the main dinosaur anganoist. 


This describes the behavior of Spinosaurus.


The Spinosaurus would fish often wading by rivers looking into the water,waiting for fish.It would also swim to get fish.When it wanted to, Spinosaurus would hunt dinosaurs like Paralititan,Ouranosaurus,Aegpytosaurus,and Anchisaurus.It would camoflague itself at strike at the right time.


The Spinosaurus would saty at the nest,guarding their young.They would keep their skull and arms around the nest,protecting it from predators and scavengers.The parents would bring prey for the kids.When the chicks were old enough,they would go on hunting trips and kill injured prey.


These are the organisms Spinosaurus killed.

  • Parasaurolophus

Differnces between Male and Female

Here are the differnces between male and female Spinosaurus.


  • Jpivmalespino2

    Male Spinosaurus '.

  • Spikes from head to tail
  • Longer arms and talons
  • Longer teeth
  • Shorter legs
  • Shorter tail
  • Stronger


  • Longer legs and tail
  • Shorter teeth
  • Jpivfemalespino

    Female Spinosaurus.

    Longer jaws
  • Sail spikes
  • Shorter arms and talons

Breeding and Mating

The Spinosaurus and other Spinosaurs would mate by the female putting her neck on top of the male's neck.Females could lay 2-8 eggs at a time.They would hatch in about a month.

Feeding and Killing style

The Spinosaurus would feed on it's prey quickly,to save it and to let it rest.It would use it's claws and teeth to bite the neck of the prey.


These are the animals Spinosaurus preyed upon.

  • Parasaurolophus
  • Triceratops
  • Paralititan
  • Ouranosaurus
  • Apatosaurus
  • Brachiosaurus


Spinosaurus was poorly known after it's skeleton got bombed in World War II.In Jurassic Park III, A Spinosaurus killed a sub-adult Tyrannosaurus Rex,which was simple movie magic,as the Rex's first bite would have killed it.It was transported to Isla Tyrannus in 2005.


  • It is the tallest and longest carnivourus dinosaur,Tyrannosaurus Rex is second,with it being heavier,15-16 tons(30,000-32,000lbs).

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