Spinomegadontus is a killing machine. InGen has made a replacement for the Indominus. Combine DNA of Spinosaurus,Megasaurus,Charcharadontosaurus,Giganotosaurus and T-Rex. This, is the Spinomegadontus.

Spinomegadontus has everything- jaw muscles of T-Rex, front arms of Spino, intelligence of a Megasaur, a Charcharadontosaurs size and it hunts in packs just like Giganotosaurus.

It is very gentle- it can wait for prey for hours and sometimes even days. It lives on Isla Sorna and Nublar only. Rexy often fights Spinomegadontuses for food. It usually hunts on Brachiosaurs and Apatosaurs, but can eat a Triceratops or two.

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