A large sauropod appears.

It is the second largest dinosaur ever:Argentinosaurus.

Argentinosaurus herd.

A large herd appears.

Their footsteps shake the Earth,and leave massive footprints.

Having 105 tons of Argentinosaurus step somewhere,it leaves a footprint so massive,that small dinosaurs get stuck and die in the footprints.

The same Giganotosaurus pack is in the trees.

The alpha male spots the humans.

He thinks if he should kill lots of humans,or a full-grown Argentinosaurus?

He decides to kill the sauropod.

He roars loudly and circles the target.

The trapped sauropod roars loudly,showing that she is no pushover.

It rears on it's hind legs,and one of the carnivores runs under and leaves.

The Argentinosaurus slams it's front feet to the ground.

The tricked herbivore roars in anger as the the carnivores roar.

The Giganotosaurus pack uses the strategy slice and dice.

The Argentinosaurus roars in pain before hitting the pack with her neck and tail.

She feels a huge pain in her legs as the creatures bite claw at them.

The legs of the cow Argentinosaurus bleed heavily.

The bull Argentinosaurus try to attack the pack,to no avail.

The pack jumps on the herbivore,and kill it.

The Argentinosaurus's labored breathing is heard as the pack roars loudly and feeds.

In the future four members have no idea what will happen next.

The leader spots the humans and opens his mouth to kill the humans and misses.

The humans run.

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