A row of jagged inch tall spikes rose from the ground.

Then, a tail slammed onto the ground and moved back up.

Finally, a loud roar sounded.

Saurophaganax Maximus.

It's 42ft long body scared all around, as the dinosaur tried to kill some birds, but to no avail.

It was called The Shark of the Jurassic, and it wasn't called that for nothing.

It would take on anything, any size, to try and expand it's territory.

It has taken on a T.Rex before and failed.

Their only prime enemies are Torvosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Saurophagnax chased the group to a Torvosaurus hidden.

It rose out of the bushes and roared.

A 38ft long Torvosaurus emerged with laser cannons on it's arms.

The dinosaur, however, was dreaming.

So no laser cannons.

The two Jurassic reptiles roared.

Shark and Tiger, battling for the first time in 150 Million Years!

The Torvosaurus charged the Saurophagnax and hit it's ribs.

The Shark stepped back and roared.

The Shark then used it's claws to tear gashes into the Tiger.

The Tiger did the same.

The Savage Reptile gained the advantage and bit the Reptile-Eating Master's upper jaw.

The Savage Reptile grabbed the lower jaws with it's arms and pulled on both jaws, trying to break them.

The Reptile-Eating Master brings his tail forth and smacks the Savage Reptile's temple.

Saurophagnax steals the advantage and headbutts the attacker.

Then Saurophagnax bites the Torvosaurus's throat.

The two dinosaurs move around until the Saurophagnax's jaws tear through the lower throat and the jaws throw the dead Torvosaurus down.

With the windpipe hanging from it's mouth,Saurophagnax roars in victory.

Saurophagnax feeds.

The group escapes.

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