Prolouge== "Block the doors" shouted Angus. "Or the'll be picking their teeth with our bones". I looked at the mangled corpse of Dr. Wu lying just outside the door torn to shreds by those creatures. A plank of wood then blocked my view Angus stoped nailing and turn't to me "there was nothing you could have done Wu was a good man and he didn't desirve to die the way he did but, there was nothing you could of done". I saw that he had a look of actual conseren on his face a rare sight. "I know but it was my fault for him going out there" I said in a solum tone. "It was my fault that he is dead, infact its my fault that over half the damn the staff is dead". I looked in the cracked mirrior on the wall next to me "Tim Murphy greatest of John Hammond's hiers" I thought "what trash". Angus looked like he was going to give one of his famous "Fate" lectures and Elisa had a look of extreme annoyance/fear on her face just as agustus opened his mouth a booming howl broke the moment "Their back" I shouted. Before we knew it the door's glass porthole shatered and something hard hit my temple then everything went black.

Part 1 june 21 2017

will finish when chance is given

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