Jurassic Park Second chance also called Jurassic park New Horizon is a 13-part web series following Tim Murphy's new Jp facility located on a fictional man made island in the pacific ocean

Magior Characters

  • Tim murphy- Main protagionist in the series. Grandson of the famed Jhon Hammond. In second chance Tim is 17 in the first chapter and at the end of the series celebrates his 30th birthday. He is engadged to the fictional Elisa Wu daughter of the former Jp head genetisist.
  • Elisa Wu-

  • Agustus faircloth- Head security officer at he new Jp facility. He is shown to have a attitude similiar to Robert Muldoon even saying his famous phrase "they should all be destroyed". He isn't seen until the third part of the series titled "welocome back to Jurassic park" where he is shown to be in his late thirtys and slightly balding wearing glasses similiar to Denis nerdys. He seems to hav a grudging freindship with Tim dispite their dfering views on almost every subject known to human kind. His lst apperance is in the seventh prt of the series where he sacrifices himself to a pack of cyolophosaurus to save Tim, Elisa, Alan Grant and the other survivors of the Hurricane that swept over the new island damaging all the park's fences and freeing a magority of the over 70 different extinct genre of creatures causing total caos.
  • Amelia Tohompson

  • Gregory Klodspok

  • Alan Grant

Minor characters

  • Lex Murphy

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