Chapter 1 The end of Predator X A Megalodon is swimming around in the bottom of the ocean.A Predator X is swimming right behind it.The Megalodon swims around and bites Predator X's neck Killing it and leaving blood in the water attracting other Megalodons.The other Megalodons approach the dead Predator X.They fight over it and then one gets bit On the neck and floats to the bottom of the ocean.

Chapter 2 Return of Spinosaurus Rex A T.Rex is walking in a forest looking for food.Then Rex hears a loud roar.Then the Rex goes to see what is happening.It's a Spinosaurus Rex.Then the spinosaurus Rex runs toward to the Rex and kills it by slashing the huge claw in it's throat.Then the spinosaurus rex feasts on the dead Dino.

Chapter 3 Rise of Megalodon X A Predator X is swimming around in the bottom of the ocean.Then it sticks it's head out of the water and sees a boat sinking.And humans are falling out.Then Predator swims toward the people and eats them.But something pulls it under water and then bites its neck and kills and eats it.But it's-Megalodon X

Chapter 4 Titanoboa vs Tyrannosaurus Rex T rex is walking in the woods it hears a big thing in the ground.It digs above ground and wraps around the T.Rex squeezing it.Then Rex cries in pain.Then Titano swallows Rex it takes hours for Titano to swallow Rex.Finally,it's done swallowing the Rex.

Chapter 5 Rise of Therizinospinus

A Therizinospinus finds  an Allosaurus.The Allo attacks the Spinus but is killed quickly.

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