Ricardo Alexander Sr. William's stepgrandfather.

Ricardo Alexander Sr.
Birthday December 18 , 1954
Age (45)
Blood Type Killed By T-Rex Bites From His Arms (dies;blooded)
Professional Status
Occupation Guardian (currently;deceased)

Master Dinosaurs T-Rexs Scientists (currently)

Partner Jane Alexander (William's Stepgrandmother;deceased)
Previous Partner Jane Alexander (partner;deceased)

Jennifer "Freddy" Nelson (Partner)

Personal Status
Relatives Robert Alexander (stepson)

Dr. William Gordon Wilson (stepgrandson)
Dr. Gabriel Wilson (stepgrandfather, revived creates by Dr. William Gordon Wilson) Brandon Owens (friend)

Education Unamed Schools
Fanon Appearances Untitled Jurassic Park Sequel - Alan Pennyworth (Appears)

(Not Appears ;dies)

Recently Deaths

Killing Went Anti-Killed Transforms Into Dies Body Double (Maybe Going To Die.)


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