A rainbow-colored sail emerges from the bushes.

Oxalaia killing Albertosaurus.

The menacing figure of Oxalaia returns.

The group runs.

An Albertosaurus chases them back to Oxalaia.

The two fight while the gang escapes.

An Albertosaurus sees this as food as attacks it's leg.

The sail-backed dinosaur limps as he swings his claws.

The claws meet flesh on the back of Albertosaurus.

The Alberta Reptile swings it's tail into the eyes of the Brazilan Dinosaur.

However,Oxalaia nearly rips the tail tip off and slices his lower jaw with his arms.

Those crocodile-like jaws clamp on the nose and spill blood.

The Albertosaurus uses it's 5-ton bite force and shuts it's jaws on the Oxalaia's neck.

The Alberta Reptile feels it's guts slowly spilling out and feels a huge head on it's belly.

The Oxalaia has the tyrant right where he wants him,already tasted blood.

The Oxalaia crunches the Albertosaurus's neck and slices open his back.

However,the Alberta Reptile still moves,so it gets it's neck and head stomped on,and the heartbeats stop.

The Oxalaia roars in victory and brings it to the nest base.

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