The Mark family has been shipwrecked on Site D

Part One

Johnny Mark looked off the side of his boat. Thick mist surrounded it. He and his family were vacationing off the coast of Costa Rica. "Hi, Johnny."Johnny turned around. His sister was standing there."Hi, Jill."The two looked out at the sea. The boat was approaching a large, dark object. It drew closer and closer until Crash! The boat hit. "It''s an island!"Is everyone okay?"a voice called from behind. It was Johnny's dad. "I'm okay!"replied 3 voices:Johnny, Jill, and their mom. Johnny stared into the jungle ahead.

Part Two

Johnny and his family hiked through the thick jungle. They had crashed only a few minutes ago, but it seemed like they had been here for hours. Johnny pushed some leaves out of the way and entered a large clearing. A sign stood in front of them. It read: InGen. "InGen?" said Johnny's dad. "Doesn't that mean..." a brachiosaurus's neck and head rose up. It stared at the family for a moment, then lumbered into the trees. Then, Johnny noticed a facility at the edge of the clearing. Inside the facility, Dad read a sign labeled "dinosaurs." It read "Brachiosaurus, triceratops, ankylosaurus, and velociraptor." Everyone gasped. There were raptors on this island. Dad reached into his pocket for his phone. Then he remembered he dropped it when the boat crashed. Then, a sound spread through the building. The sound of snarling. The raptors were here! Johnny backed into a map. It said there was a communications center nearby. The family dashed through the door. They ran in the direction of the center. Half an hour later, they were inside the communications center. Dad was contacting the mainland. He knew only one person who could help them: his good friend Dr. Grant. Meanwhile Johnny watched the entrance. He froze when the shadow of a raptor appeared on the wall.

That's the end of Raptor attack, folks. Stay tuned for the sequel, Raptor Rescue!

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