The largest Dromeosaur ever hisses.

It is a Megaraptor, or rather a giant mutated Velociraptor.

Megaraptor leaps at the Terror Bird.

It leaps out of the bushes and kills a Phorusrhacos, a type of Terror Bird.

A family,two adults and two babies.

Their 35ft long body is unmistakable.

Grant yells "Raptor!"

Eric says "Megaraptor........"

The female lunges at Eric,and knocks him down.

The female is about to make the killing blow when Grant attacks it.

The group flees.

Grant says"You all right?"

"Yeah." Eric says.

A smaller raptor,the 30ft long Utahraptor appears,and chases the group back to the Megaraptor.

The male roars loudly at this enemy,and slices his back with his arm,causing the smaller dinosaur to step back and roar in pain as blood slowly spills.

The Utahraptor clamps down on it's attacker's jaws,and forces them closed.

The angry Megaraptor bites on Utahraptor's arm.

Megaraptor latches on Utahraptor's neck, and rips it in half.

The headless body falls down.

The family roars and feeds.

Grant said"InGen IS trying to kill us."

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