On this page I'm trying to make a list of the Site B team that appears in Bastion Monk at InGen and the rest of all my prequel stories.


  • J. Ingliasias, Security Officer
  • Doc Savage, Mighty Adventurer
  • P. Piaseckyj,
  • M. From, Guard Dog Trainer
  • M. Heilemann, Weapons Specialist
  • Lori Torres

Animal keeper

  • C. Comstock, Head Zookeeper
  • Gerry Harding, Bird specialist
  • T. McDibitt, Nutritionist
  • S. Townshend, Herbevore Handler
  • K. Anguangto, Pachycephalosaur Specialist
  • P. Hirschmann, Tyrannosaur Specialist
  • T. Goodwin, Animal Specialist
  • T. Tragos, Raptor Wrangler
  • L. Van Pelt, Elephant Wrangler


  • M. Ontoni, Spelunker
  • D. Tripodi, Exterminator


  • Laura Sorkin, Geneticist
  • Abraham Gershon, BioChemist
  • David Banks
  • Murillo
  • Artie Bridges
  • Lori Ruso


  • Ray Arnold, Chief Engineer
  • S. Flungson, Technician
  • J. Norr, JP Jeep Mechanic


  • Francis White
  • Irene Corts

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