The Jungle is silent.

A boat moves in with a large cage.

In that cage is a juvinile of the second largest carnivorus dinosaur ever to exist, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

"Easy now." Muldoon states.

When the cage is on the ground, one of the workers goes in to check on the Rex ,however, the Rex snarls and lunges

T.rex's true size.It's supposed to be 14.5-15.3m,as I saw in another photo.

at the worker.

The worker screams in pain, and he feels his arm getting ready to break off.

The others try help him, but the Tyrannosaur's bite is too strong, already 20,000 newtons; 4,496 pounds of banana tooth. The worker is killed and fed on by the T.rex.

The T-Rex is soon captured by a tranq squad, and is then put in it's enclosure with it's family, ready to be tested once more.

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