The Predator Cultures is a very deadly, yet kind, hybrid. It has the dan genomes of the Gigantosaurus, Indominus, Python, Goji, Komodo Dragon, Troodon, etc. It's freedom caused mass panic, and caused a little bit of moral instability for the creature.


Komodo Dragon genome:

  • toxic saliva: This was an undesired effect given by the Komodo Dragon genome, which would allow the the Perditor to breed asexually.
  • Parthenogenisis: In order for the Perditor's species to survive, it had to reproduce asexually.

Troodon genome:

  • cleverness: the troodon genome gave the Perditor enhanced intelligence due to the troodon's brain capacity.

Spinosaurus Genome:

  • Semi-aquaticness: the spinosaurus genome was given to add the fin, but it did add the undesired ability to become semiaquatic.
  • Sail: the sail was the desired effect of the the spinosaurus genome to make it look cool.

Rosy Boa Genome:

  • Gentleness: The Rosy Boa is quite a gentle snake. The genome was added to calm the Perditor's other more ferocious genomes.

Base Genome:

  • Indominus Rex: The Indominus Rex was the base genome because it had the necessary traits to help the Perditor survive, and make it look boss.

Python Genome:

  • surviving in tropical environment: Pythons can survive in a very tropical enviroment. The genome was added to help the Perditor survive in a tropical environment, but unfortunately it also gave it super-strength.

Perditor Culturis Maximus

The Perditor Culturis Maximus was an upgrade implemented by InGen to make a ruthless, weaponized dinosaur. Unfortunately it worked out better than they imagined.

Added genomes:


  • ferocity: in order to allow the Perditor to become a weapon, InGen added cobra DNA to make it more fierce, and less gentle.
  • Venom Spit: an undesired effect of the Cobra Genome was that it allowed the Perditor Maximus to spit acidic venom to melt and kill it's prey.


  • Killing instinct: in-order to get the Perditor culturis to kill InGen added Wolf DNA, but unfortunately that added a sense of Loyalty to it's kind. Once the Perditor Maximus bred, it formed a pack, and started killing off other Dinosaurs and humans.


This article was done by Annabethlover1652


  • Perditor Culturis in latin means "Destroyer of Civilizations"

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