The series

Yes, this is a page dedicated to a PJP TV series, taking place on Isla Tyrannus. The episodes are going to be made by me and Pythor, but I will go ahead and write some characters to use. here you go!

Also, every episode is a pattern on being made by Pythor, Peenut. Pythor, Peenut. It's like that pattern.

Characters to use

  • Argyle (Main Good Guy, Spinosaurus)
  • Psyclaw (Main Villain, Tyrannosaurus)
  • Shelob (Psyclaw's Lackey, 40 Foot Long Spider)
  • Terik (Second Good Guy, T-Rex-U)
  • Sheelar (Recurring Villain, Oxalaia)
  • Curious (Sheelar's Friend, S-Rex)
  • Alan Grant (Recurring Character, Human)
  • Carl (Recurring Character, Carcharodontosaurus)

Episode 1: Pilot (Made by Pythor9449)

Terik theTyrannosaurus Ultimus wakes up and finds Psyclaw,the evil Tyrannosaurus.Psyclaw bites Terik's neck but the armor is too hard .Terik bites Psyclaw's neck and and he is shoved away by T-Rex neck. Psyclaw scares Terik away. Alan grant meets up with a Carcharodontosaurus and is chased by it. Then the Carcharo meets Terik which a skull bite is able to scare Carcharo away. Grant esapes and finds a place to rest. Argyle wakes up and Roars into the abyss.

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