The PYTHNUT Series was an infamous series of Jurassic Park fanfictions, created in a conjunction between the the users Pythor9449 and (formerly) Peenut2k7. It is known for it's reliance on battling, "awesomebro" dinosaurs to create a story, not unlike documentaries such as Jurassic Fight Club and many videos created in Pivot Animator. Development on the series was shuttered in the mid 2010's.

With the release of Jurassic World, many of the events that occur largely displace the series from the film canon.

PYTHNUT Articles





The PYTHNUT series has received very negative reception, many readers criticizing its overuse of dinosaur battles, though most serious criticism going towards its abundance of "genetically modified" dinosaurs, believing them to be heavily overpowered and far too anthropomorphic, citing sentences such as "He wanted to strut his stuff to those nubby little T-Rex fanboys among the surviving tourists."


Series 2

Series 2, originally set for a 2013 start, was supposed to be a continuation of the PYTHNUT series. Due to a lack of activity, and Peenut2k7 joining the site Tumblr (combined with his growing shame for being involved with the series), the series was eventually cancelled. Above are the two concepts for the series created by Peenut2k7, shortly before he quit PYTHNUT, and the group was disbanded altogether.

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