Oxalaia rex quimtimus is a creature that appears in the PYTHNUT series.



The original Oxalaia rex design (circa 2012)

Oxalaia rex is an immense creature, superseding any animals today; it is 133ft tall, 287ft long and 103 tons.

Being a Tyrannosaurus rex ultimus/Oxalaia quilombensis hadeni hybrid, Oxalaia rex resembles a cross between the two creatures, bearing a the robust jaws and muscular legs of the tyrannosaur, and the flamboyant sail and long, three-clawed arms of the spinosaurid.

The color of O. rex is highly varied, some individuals sporting the bright blued scales and technicolor sails common in Oxalaia, while others bear the dull green or brown scales of a T. rex ultimus, with the dull sail of an adolescent Oxalaia.


O. rex quimtimus uses its 215 ton bite force to destroy nearly anything that passes its path. If its 2 foot teeth don't get you, then its colossal arms will. The creature is armed with 24 foot long hand claws, attached to 62 foot long arms; the largest defenses of any animal, biological or engineered. Being such a colossal creature, it should not be of surprise that its size in of itsellf is a defense. It requires very little armor to keep itself alive, letting its sheer mass protect it from much smaller carnivores.


Though Oxalaia rex is quite a force to be reckoned with, given its remarkable size and strength, is not without flaws. Its bulk, though it protects it from most hazards, is a severe handicap on its speed, only allowing the colossus to go a measly 12 mph.

Its massive size also makes way for a different issue; if the creature were to fall, it would likely be unable to raise itself up again, leaving the massive beast for dead.


It is entirely unknown how the Oxalaia rex came into existence. It only appeared in Jurassic Park VI, Jurassic Park VII, and Jurassic Park X, with it's first appearence explaining almost nothing about how it came to be.


Like many of PYTHNUT's starring creatures, O. rex has been met with very negative reception from readers and fanfiction critics alike, once cited as an "overpowered predator", alongside Oxalaia quilombensis hadeni and Tyrannosaurus rex ultimus.

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