An Ankylosaurus feeds on herbs.

Tyrannosaurus Rex emerges from the bushes and roars.

Ankylosaurus turns in a defensive posture and swings her club.
Tyrannosaurus rex vs Ankylosaurus

The T.Rex hisses and lunges, taking some flesh, but not before the tail club hits her back.

The Ankylosaurus swings her club at the Rex's head, and makes a mistake, missing the head and showing the neck.

The Tyrannosaurus bites the dinosaur's neck, and injures it.

Both competitors leave.

However, a brightly-colored Spinosaur roars at the T.Rex.

Oxalaia had arrived.

The two dinosaurs clashed.

Oxalaia swung it's claws into the Rex's neck and bit it's belly.

The Tyrannosaurus roars in pain and crunches the Oxalaia's neck, killing it.

Tyrannosaurus roars in victory.

The fight has taken it's toll on the King: he's weak and slowly dieing.

He growls and roars randomly, sniffing sometimes.

After he has eaten part of Oxalaia, he leaves.

Later, he returns and eats the liver.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex roars as he runs to the carcass and falls down, dead.

In the end, it proved that Oxalaia was the only thing able to injure the King serioulsly. 

Both carcasses are eaten.

Allosaurus roars loudly, signaling an attack.

The group runs as the dinosaur tries to grab someone.

Ellie says "We got to get to the coast of the island, the big carnivores won't be there."

So the gang runs to the coast.

Then lots of roars are heard.

A male Daspletosaurus approaches the injured Ankylosaurus.

The frighted herbivore swings it's club as hard as it can into the carnivore's head, making a huge hole and giving the carnivore the nickname "Hole".

Hole stumbles and grabs the ankylosaur's head, and flips it over.

She swings her club and it fails as it's millimeters away, her skull is crushed, killing her.

Hole roars loudly, as he is in a larger pack.

He is the leader and his mate emerges, along with the pack.

They have five kids, one of them is weak, and she is slowly dieing.

Hole tears open the stomach and lets his daughter eat the most nutrious parts.

Slowly, she is also getting better.

The pack continues the feast.

A radio beeps.

In Alan's pocket, the NAVY tells them: they are coming for them. However, they have to survive until then.

Which makes One Last Stand until THE FINAL BATTLE.

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