Nina Williams Wu was the first inn keeper in Appleloosa. She was first introduce as the estrange daughter of Dr. Henry Wu. However, she was actually revealed to be Maleficent in disguise. She was vanished from Appleloosa around the time when Discord turned Equestria into an endless chaos. Unlike her "estrange father", she despises Hoskins. Later on, she discovers her "father" was secretly working and spying for Hoskins with his back turned after Hoskins himself was killed by Delta in cold blood.

Posing as Drizella Tremaine

Nina disguises herself as Anastasia's estrange older sister Drizella and pretends to be her while spying on Twilight Sparkle and her older brother Shining Armor. When Flash Sentry and Princess Cadence blows her cover, she returns to Discord, only to be sent to another world by him.

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