A family pack of Daspletosaurus are hunting.


Daspletosaurus stalking prey.

A herd of Ankylosaurus are grazing calmly,with their tails moving.

The male and female attack one of the Ankylosaurus.

The frightned herbivore swings his tail club at the pair,and hits them

An InGen worker is smacked by the club and crushed under 5 tons(10,000lbs) of Daspletosaurus.

The Frightful Reptile bites the Fused Reptile's legs.

The female dislocates the tail,and filps it over.

The father crushes the skull,while the female rips open it's belly.

The pair roars over the dead Ankylosaurus and the family feeds.

Ellie says "Now a family of Daspletosaurus. When will this stop?"

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