Muerte Islas

Muerte Islas is a series of islands. The name roughly translates to "islands of death". The only reason why it was named is because of hunters and, well, death. Since InGen completely left these islands people started hunting there. Because of that, some species of dinosaurs on these islands are endangered.

Each island is unique and has its own apex predator. The islands are:

Isla Gigantos (apex predator:Titanolodon)

Isla Manuos (apex predator:Indominus Rex)

Isla Vengar (apex predator:Oxalaia Dominium)

Isla Delpha (apex predator:Tyrannosaurus Rex)

Isla Fortus (apex predator:Daspletosaurus Furiosa)

Isla Ravan (apex predator:Allosaurus giganteus)

Isla Ravaren (apex predator:Ceratosaurus megalimus)

(Info about these islands coming soon)

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