Animatronic-sculpting spino This fanfiction is not yet complete and is under construction.
Name meaning "'Hybrid Tooth"
Code name Cano
Hybrid of: Pliosaurus + Megalodon + Orca + Basilosaurus + Mosaurus + Mako Shark + Kronosaurus + Saltwater Crocodile + Deinosuchus
Diet Carnivorous
Length 50 feet
Weight 100'000 lbs
Range Lazarus Island
Game appearances Jurassic Park: Southern Park 3
Template Source

Msetodon is a Hybrid Aquatic Animal, and a pack of them are the central antagonists for Jurassic Park: Southern Park 3. It is hybrid animal 1 feet longer and 1000 lbs wider than the Pliosaurus. It has the dorsal fin of a shark, pack mentality of an Orca, intelligence of whale, body of a Pliosaurus, temperament of a saltwater crocodile, and jaw strength of a Deinosuchus.

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