The Five Deaths are far to small to sustain a dinosaur population of multiple species. DeSalle and Lindley calculated in their book The Science of Jurassic Park And The Lost World or, How To Build A Dinosaur that you need a reserve as large as Berkshire to accommodate the population of the first movie. JPIII and TLW show a much larger population.

Therefore I want a movie in which Alan Grant urges the UN to place the dinosaurs on the endangered species list and to move them to a larger preserve (like he does in Jurassic Park Adventures: Prey).

Since there isn't an unpopulated island that big, they have to move to a mainland preserve. This article lists the best candidates.

Central Africa


The Chad Valley. The blue part is the modern lake. The shaded area was its original size.

In central Africa there is a large lake named Lake Chad. From the 60s until now it it shrank as much as 95%. Manny lush forests and plains turned into deserts. Since it provides water to more than 20 million people living on the edge of the Sahara Desert the UN has made manny plans to stop the shrinking of the lake. One plan is to make a channel from the Oubangui river through Central Africa to the lake. If the Lake grows again to it's original size than there a HUGE plains of desert lands that become fertile again. But such a channel would cost at least 9 million euro, and the UN can't affort that.

Ad054 jungle-scene-03-1024

Larger Lake Chad.

In our story John Hammond will find investors for such a channel, and on a barren desert Plateau he will make a lush prehistoric Garden of Eden as big as Ireland. He will ask paleobotanist Ellie Sattler to pick the right plants and insects etc. On the Plateau the dinosaurs will be isolated from the rest of the world by high cliffs. Therefore the movie is called "Dark Continent".

The idea of dinosaurs on a plateau is an allusion the the novel The Lost World novel of Conan Doyle, that inspired Michael Crichton t\o write his Jurassic Park sequel.

The dinosaurs of Isla Sorna and other islands have to be captured and shipped to the Plateau when it is ready.

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