The Lost World Park is a zoological park housing Prehistoric creatures and offering holiday experiences in it's hotels. It is located on Isla Paradisus, which was formed by a volcanic eruption in late 2016. It is rapidly expanding and has it's own research labs, security force and fleets of both ships and aircraft.


The Rest Zone:

The area where many hotels for visitors are located.

The Snack Zone:

The area where many food outlets for visitors are included.

The Kingdom of the new world:

This area houses the 3 newly created Barbaricus Rex, Sara, Mira and Barbon. It is a large metal building with simulated rainforest humidity and prehistoric plants. It is over 700 meters in length.

The Tyrant realm:

This area boasts 3 total enclosures housing a mating pair of Tyranosaurus Rex along with Several Daspletosaurus and Nanotyranus.

Sabers of the world:

This area houses a pride of Smilodon, and a pride of Eusmilus.

The house of relatives:

This building, which resembles a reinforced chimpanzee enclosure (As it includes heigh climbing posts and swining ropes), houses Lizzie and Claw, the singular pair of the newly created Nechomosaurus.

Wool and tusk:

This enclosed building, with simulated ice age enviroment, houses a group of Wooly mammoth, along with their matriarch, Matra.

Deadly Coast:

This is a collection of enclosed watery spaces housing a Mososaur, Several Xinactinyus and a Lipluerodon.

Land of the Giants:

This is a collosal enclosure with a huge forest in it, it contains over 15 species of sauropod along with Ankylosaurs, Stegosaurs and Cerotopsians.

Reptillian Aviary:

This aviary houses several Archeopteryx.

Terra Aviary:

This enormous Aviary houses multiple Pterosaur species in seperate areas.

Primitive Seas:

This aquaruim building showcases creatures from the Pre-Cambrian, Cambrian, Ordovician and Silurian.

Predators of the Ancient waves:

This aquarium area was built after the other aquariums to house some of the predators of the rest, these include Giant Cephalopods, Ichthyosaurs, Sea Scorpions and Anoimalocaris among others.

Armoured Seas: This aquarium houses many devonian creatures and has a large watery area attached housing Submarine, a Dunkleosteus.

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