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Lex Murphy is the granddaughter of John Hammond, and the sister of Tim Murphy.

Fall 2

Lex narrowly escapes being killed by a raptor when she first appears, but then is forced by Lewis Dodgson to reveal Tim's hiding place. She shakes him off by getting his raptor to attack him.

Later, when being chased by an Acrocanthosaurus, she pushes Tim into its path to save herself - a spur of the moment decision she instantly regrets. He is killed. Dodgson then arrives and takes pleasure in her pain, so she kicks him in the privates.

Afterwards, she is reunited with John Hammond, and together they gather more InGen hunters. They then lead an assault on Biosyn which Lex is left out of. However, she forces Hammond to take her.

After the various dinosaur encounters, she and Soloman are the only ones left alive. The A-Rex then kills Soloman, and she alone gets into Biosyn's base and kills Lewis Dodgson.

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