Leosaurus is a fairly large species of Ceratosauride. Leosaurus grows to 23 feet in length (7 meters) long. Leosaurus height is 7 feet and 10 inches (2 meters) long. It weighted up to 705 pounds. And Leosaurus can run up to 32 MPH. Leosaurus is durable and tenacious, but is not as tough and skilled as other carnivores, unless they are in packs.


Leosaurus, at first glance looks like a normal theropod, but the skull was larger compared to its body. And it has a promient nose horn. Leosaurus tail was half its body length.


Despite being common, the Leosaurus had some distinctive features, such as a foot long horn and very sharp claws. Its arm's were also longer than the average theropod.


The Leosaurus is a predator that is surprisingly fierce and territorial when approached by a dinosaur it is not familiar with. They make a variety of noises to represent different things. They use their horns to fight over mates. They rarely use their horn for hunting or battle.

Hunting Style

Because Leosaurus is not as strong as other carnivores in its area, they often hunt as packs, consisting of 3-5 members.


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