This guy was named "Leatherface" because he was born with an absolutely white eye with a scar on it.

Leatherface is a Megasaurus. He is the main character in Jurassic Planet. His parents died in a fight with Titan. So the poor Megasaurus has to scavenge around the island. What's even more embarrassing for him is that he is the unluckiest on the entire island. This guy really ignores roars of bigger predators who are threatening him. Like That, he a couple days old and he already has like,ten scars, two bite marks and he lost his left arm.

Size (episode 1)

Height:20 cm to 1 meter

Length:60 cm to 3 meters

Size (episode 2)

Height:1 m 20 cm to 2 meters

Length:3 m 60 cm to 6 meters

Size (episode 3)

Height:2 meters to 3 meters

Length:6 meters to 9 meters

Size (episode 1 of JPlanet 2)

Height:3,5 meters to 4,5 meters

Length:12 meters to 17 meters

Size (episode 2,3,4 and 5 of JPlanet 2)

Height:5 meters to 6 meters

Length:20 meters to 25 meters

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