Is a TV movie that will act as a brige way between Jurassic island season one and 2 note rember its all fanon 😀......where we last saw Ron he was trapped between two spinosauruss now what will happen..............Ron was trapped,then he got a idea,he slid between the first spinosaurus's legs it had worked then he ran into the jungle(by the way he is talking to himself but I did not feel like adding that :/ ) then went to his shack and tried to use the radio but it was not working it was not close to signal he would have to go to Main Street.the spinosaurus was coming up fast he ran and ran till he came to cliff and fell in by mistake at the last second he grabbed a rock but he was at the middle of the inside of the cliff then he down,it was a flat land with grass and dinos.plant eating dinos luckily.(here he would survive for 3 days down here I will add this in the future 😀)then he climbed his way out he then walked all the way to Main Street he saw a T. rex but hide then he got radio contact with the U.S. goverment/us army.they sayed he was in luck because they were going to bomb the place In a hour then they sent a chopper for him then they brought him back to the states where he went back to serving the marine corps.

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