hey you blue go Owen said hey are your Owen Alan grant said ya i'm Owen and your Dr. grant Owen said i need to talk to you said grant OK to the plane Owen said hey i'm Timmy said Timmy i'm Owen so we are going to the new park said Owen 1 day later at the new park hey your at the new park there are t-Rex's raptor 's and more get your map here said Mr.DNA come Owen... Owen meet Ian Malcolm Alan grant said hey Owen are you the man with the raptor Ian said yes i'm Owen Ian stop! The T-REX is not here said Owen Owen all the Dino are out of the cage's hey is that blue... Blue! go look for a ankylosaurus brachiosaurus and anzu Owen said at the lab all the Dino's are out you need to go 8 people died said Owen to the land of pachycephalosaus said Owen at the land i see the T-Rex and a pack of anzu's make the T-Rex go to the T-Rex cage i need to get all the anzu's and you Timmy get the Dilophosaurus said Alan grant i need help blue is getting kiiled by 20 Anzu's said Owen OK i will help in a little bit said Timmy my raptor's did not die charlie delta and echo are helping blue said Owen OK said Timmy i'm coming to get all the compy's said Owen no the Anzu's are killing the people said timmy save the people get the people to the plane said Owen Hey Owen three more Dino's said Dr.grant three Dino's are out Owen said yes the Baryonyx Apatosaurus and pteranodon's said Dr. grant OK i will get the gun's said Owen All the people are saved said Timmy Ok good i need to get you a gun said Owen no i do not need a gun said Timmy you need a gun said Owen no i don't need a gun said timmy OK if but you die said Owen i need you Owen i see the anzu's said Ian

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