Jurassic Park: World Parks is what might be a sequal to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Unlike the previous game, the game itself is a series of missions.

Mission 1: Rebuilding a dream

The game begins with a cutscene showing the new INGEN CEO Leonardo Erikson commenting on the past park and the idea of restoring it. The diolauge:

"In 1993 The first Park opened. It only was just a few days after the Endorisment team arrived when the power shut down and the Carnivores escaped. The Endorisment team managed to escape, but only after being though a tough ordeal. After an order by both the U.S and Costa Rican goverment bombed the Park. However a few Dinosaurs survived the bombing. We are thinking about  breifly capturing them to get DNA samples and clone them for a Park we are planning in Las Vagas. Your job is to  find the remaining Dinos." Then the game starts. The level introduces the player how to capture Dinosaurs and clone them which is the starting point for cloning DNA from the bones. 

Nature at it's dangerous

Mega Beasts


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