Teaser Poster

The film's teaser poster.

Jurassic World: Mesozoic War is an upcoming science-fiction war monster film to be released on June 22, 2018. It is the sequel to 2015's Jurassic World (2015). The film will feature the debut of GINT-30, President Bruce Hurt, Tony Hobbes and more.


3 years after the Isla Nublar incident of 2015, Dr. Henry Wu has successfully created genetically modified dinosaur super soldiers. With the soldiers threatening Earth, former Velociraptor trainer Owen Grady decides to use the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar to defeat the soldiers and save the planet. However, Wu creates backup genetically modified hybrids to defeat the dinosaurs and proceed with his mission to help the military. But, this proves to be dangerous as the super soldiers are more malicious than InGen expects them to be.


In a secret InGen laboratory in Afghanistan, Dr. Henry Wu finishes completion of his own new species, Humanoidus Dinosauria. Having gone nearly insane since the Isla Nublar Incident of 2015, Wu does not see that the new species is extremely dangerous, hence, a scientist being killed during a field test. Secretly however, Wu creates another species that could overpower Humanoidus Dinosauria, GINT. Wu repeatedly recreates the genetic animal, due to 29 attempts failing to keep each version alive. Government agent