Jurassic World: Infected is the epilogue for Jurassic World.


Alpha: the dominant leader of the pack. They lead the hunts and rely on the Beta for their aid

Beta: highly thought raptors that help the Alpha lead the hunts. Usually watches fights with Alpha for rank promotion of lesser raptors

Selsa: lower ranking Beta, mostly known as their second-in-command. Protectors and are part of the hunts

Delta: lesser raptor, but the most dominant of the lower ranked raptors. Alpha to the Gamma

Gamma: Beta of the Delta. Isn't as dominant of the lower ranked, as the Delta is, but still dominant neither-less

Epsilon: non-ranked raptors of the pack and hunters. Normally the peacekeepers of fights breaking out between lower ranked raptors

Zeta: first assumed ranked raptors ever to be appointed. Also helps in the hunts

Lota: the bulk or largest group of the pack. Helps with the juveniles, disrespectful raptors (excluding Omegas) and newcomers.

Omega: Disrespectful raptors or troublemakers. They are shown hardly any mercy, but they're able to leave this rank unless they were horribly bad

Rising: Day

Darkening: Night or sunset

Goldenside: The west side of the park

Risingside: The east side of the park

The Research Paddock: Hammond Creation Lab

Feeder: Restaurant

Red Flower: Fire

Deepwater: The Mossasaur's tank

Petulants: Raptors who can understand humans

Uprights: Humans

Silver Claws: Knives

Silver Needles: Sryinges

Scurries: Mice

Nibblers: Rats

Venom Spitters: Dilophosaurus Long-Necks: Apatosaurus or Brontosaurus Three-Horns: Triceratops Spike-Tails: Stegosaurus The Great Queens/Kings: Tyrannosaurus Rexs The White One: The Indominus Rex

Chapter 1: Changes

I awoke in a large, white place. I had no idea where I was or what happened. All I remember was my sisters, the battle with the White One and loneliness. That's all I could remember. Everything's fuzzy from there on out.

Everything on me hurt. I growled, leg twitching. I managed to lift my head up to see where I was. There was a white sheet over something. It smelled of burnt flesh and...Delta?

"Delta... My voice was hoarse from lack of water and food.

I huffed.

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