Jurassic World: Extinction is a concept for the 5th Jurassic Park film. This takes place all over the globe as the dinosaurs enter the real world and wreak havoc everywhere, starting a war of domination between man and dinosaur.


It all starts when Dr. Henry Wu joins Biosyn, InGen's rival to get a greater pay. Lewis Dodgson and Wu make a 15 million dollar deal: Henry Wu is to deliver all dinosaur embryos from Jurassic World (like Nedry) so Biosyn can create a Jurassic World competitor called The Cretaceous Museum. Henry Wu delivers the dinosaur embryos and is asked to mutate the dinosaurs so they grow a lot faster. Henry Wu and a team of scientists mutate all the dinosaur species, but overdo their measures. The dinosaurs grow 10x faster than expected and are fully grown within only 2 days. Not only have they mutated their growth, but it also affected their breeding skills and intelligence. All the dinosaurs destroy Biosyn Labs and escape, out into the real world.

By the second, new dinosaurs are born due to constant breeding. All the dinosaurs migrate all across the world, causing chaos everywhere. Millions of dins roam the Earth. All countries combine their armies to fend off the dinosaurs, but the plan fails after Ian Malcolm quickly interrupts and tells them, "We don't have the men. We don't have the skill. We don't have the firepower. We don't have the strength to take down this dinosaur colony. You step through those doors, no one will survive." Ian is then taken to custody and the army ignores his orders. Eventually, they realize Ian was right. The dinosaurs end up overpowering the soldiers and barely anyone survives the battle.

Everyone is on the run from these havoc wreaking dinosaurs. In San Diego, Owen Grady comes up with a brilliant idea. He quickly goes to a destroyed Jurassic World facility and finds Blue and Delta. He orders them to call all of the nearby Raptors. Quickly, Owen has an army of Velociraptors at his ride. They travel all across the globe, trying to find more Raptors. Once Owen has a full army, the Raptors attack the other dinosaurs that pose a threat to the continuation of the human race.

The war goes on as paleontologist and chaotician, Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, reunite in order to search for Tim and Lex Murphy who are genetic scientists. The original crew reunites and try to find a way to impossibly fend off these dinosaurs. During their studies, they soon realize that the dinosaurs pose a greater threat than just eating people up. If these humans can't fend off the dinosaurs, they are sure to become extinct.

After more terrible events, Alan Grant unites with Owen Grady, who knows how dinosaurs act and "function". They then come up with a grand plan. "Our job isn't to kill the dinosaurs, it's to relocate them." They go to Antarctica. There, they get the greatest scientists in the world to create a radio that can emit sounds that will be heard all over the Earth. They stay at the icy continent for 3 months. When the 5 people return to their continent, almost everything is destroyed and in ruins. Using the radio, they play a master call sound for each dinosaur species that will attract all of them to Antarctica.

The plan ends up working and the dinosaurs all swim into the lands of Antarctica, where they will stay. The continent then becomes quarantined and off-limits, and becomes a biological preserve for the dinosaurs.

25 years later... All the damage has been gotten rid of and everything needed has been rebuilt. Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm have passed away, but are remembered for their hard work of saving the humans from extinction.


  • Owen Grady
  • Alan Grant
  • Ian Malcolm
  • Lex Murphy
  • Tim Murphy
  • Gray Mitchell
  • Zach Mitchell
  • Billy Brennan
  • Ellie Sattler
  • Dr. Weinstein
  • Herbert Newton
  • Curtis Redford
  • Delta
  • Blue
  • Sigma
  • Henry Wu
  • Lewis Dodgson


The sequel, or the 6th Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World: Apocalypse will take place after the Jurassic World: Extinction events. This centers around a group of unknown smugglers who are smuggling dinosaurs off of Antarctica. At the time, there as this backup plan called Camp Jurassic, made by InGen. During it's last week before it shuts down, the smugglers must pass through the camp. But after a terrible accident, the carnivorous dinosaurs escape and wreak havoc on the camp.

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