Main Concept

2 years after the Isla Nublar Incident (2015) a unknown INGen doctor has been experimenting with various DNA samples in order to continue with "Project: Diabolus" and letting the prototype hybrids to roam Isla Sorna. INGen soon sent a team of Trained "Professionals" to Study how live adapted in the island, not knowing about the hybrids, those guys are dead aren't they?


  • Edwin Dayton - a Seasoned paleontologist who seems to have been to Isla Sorna before
  • Mellony Bryanne- a paleontologist and photographer she is also a bit of a tomboy
  • Easton Kent- a geneticist, he worked on the Integrated Behavioral Raptor Intelligence Study and created Subject V-2
  • Colin Briar- an Ex AU guard on Jurassic World, then got transferred to an unknown project
  • Danita Elsia- She was present During the "Evilution Incident" and is a expert on gene splicing

Dinosaurs/ The hybrids

Natural Dinosaurs

  • Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Velociraptor
  • Triceratops
  • Dilophosaurus 
  • Spinosaurus
  • Carnotaurus
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Mosasaurus
  • Giganotosaurus
  • Megaraptor

The Hybrids

  • Indominus rex MRK 2
  • Diabolus rex
  • Ultimasaurus
  • Dlophosaurus rex
  • Umbrasuarus
  • Stegoceratops
  • Pluageasuraus
  • (And Others but i don't want to spoil the story)

The Story


A pair of hands starts typing on a dusty keyboard, then the lab who hasn't been used for 2 and a half decades springs to life with sparks and monitors display DNA sequences, and at the center of the room a lone man wearing a lab coat with hair worst than Einstein, and with a low voice he says only one thing.

"Let the future, Begin"

Chapter 1 "They have feathers!?!'-

over the ocean approximately, the sun has begun to rise, 14 miles away from the drop off zone in Isla Sorna, a helicopter with 5 specially trained operatives (see the character sheet)

Easton: (humming a song hes listening on his headset)

Edwin: [annoyed] hey... hey... HEY!!

(yanks out the headset)

Edwin: We're over the drop zone, get your crap together and be prepared!

Easton: you could've just tapped me on the shoulder,

Colin: (chuckles) but wheres the fun in that?

Danita: wait, is there any like, landing areas?

Mellony: Nope, that's why we're wearing these packs

Easton: they're parachutes, that's whats she's saying

Danita: oh god,

Edwin: Alright we're over the drop zone, may i suggest you jump out and crap yourselves (opens the helicopter, Wind is blowing loudly) ALRIGHT WHOS FIRST

Easton:... ah screw it, LEAROOOOOY JEEEEEKEEEENS (jumps out of the helicopter)

Danita: my god he did it, (sighs) might as well (jumps off as well, screaming)

Colin:YEE HAA (jumps off)

Mellony: whatever, (jumps of nonchalantly off)

Easton: (looks down) oohh god, ah well, NOW OR NEVER!!!! ( takes a running jump)

After the few seconds of skydiving, the crew finally reached the ground, large flora covers the ground and the sky is blue-er (yeah, i dont know ether) And the area is littered with jungle noises

Mellony: (deeply inhales and exhales) ah, smell that fresh air, now time to hunt for... what are we hunting for exactly?

Edwin: Dinosuars

{everyone}: huh!?!

Easton: like the ones at that theme park 2 years ago??

Colin: yyeeup

Mellony: my god, if your not pulling my leg, im going to faint

Edwin: alright enough of the shock and awe, lets get going

Danita: I agree, lets find a place to set up camp place

Colin: okay, lets get going then! (picks up his bag and starts walking towards the dense woods)

After a few hours of tracking through the jungle they came across a nice flat area, then they start to set up theyre tents then after wards they take a tiny break

Edwin:(explaining the history of isla sorna, and the Jurassic park incidents) and thats why the island is now a nature reserve,

Mellony: heh... i cant believe they actually found away to clone dino-

Easton: SHHH....

Everyone silences

Mellony:... [whispers] what?

Easton:... raptor... i can hear it stalking us... dont freakout guys we've been trained for... this...

A Velociraptor appears but it doesnt attack strait away, and it has a beautiful set of orange and red feathers, and its slightly smaller than the other raptors at JW

Easton:... feathers? why do they have featers

The raptor walks up to Easton sniffing him

Easton:(quietly starts praying)

Rator:... *chirps*

Edwin:.... (opens his eyes)

the raptor barley goes up his knees....

Edwin:... huh.. (picks up the raptor) aww..

Collin: i wouldent do that

Edwin: what is going to do? peck me to death (laughs)

Raptor:*growls and then Bites his hand*


Everyone starts laughing, wile Danita tries to get the raptor off, so begins the adventure of the trained "professionals"