Jurassic World: Apocalypse Part 1
Director Colin Treverrow
Producer Steven Spielberg
Release 2019
Preceded by Jurassic World: Extinction
Succeeded by Jurassic World: Apocalypse Part 2

Part 1

Jurassic World: Apocalypse Part 1 is a concept for the 6th Jurassic Park film. This takes place at Camp Jurassic, a campsite on Isla Sorna that has herbivores roaming it.


When John Hammond created Jurassic Park, he had a backup plan. It was called Camp Jurassic. He would bulldoze Isla Sorna and rebuild it into a luxury campsite. Instead of breeding carnivorous dinosaurs, he would only use herbivores for this attraction for safety. He wanted to create a Safari Adventure Tour and dinosaur roaming areas for people to experience while camping. At the time of Jurassic World being open, Camp Jurassic was also functioning. After the Global Incident, Jurassic World was closed. InGen left Camp Jurassic to be open.

A father and son, Grayson and Curtis Redford, was camping at Camp Jurassic with their friends, the Mitchells at the time. Meanwhile, in Antarctica, a group of unknown smugglers begin to smuggle carnivorous dinosaurs off the icy continent. In order to arrive at their destination, they pass through Camp Jurassic. After a storm, the smugglers lose control and the carnivorous dinosaurs escape into Camp Jurassic, wreaking havoc everywhere.


  • Grayson Redford
  • Owen Grady
  • Curtis Redford
  • Gray Mitchell
  • Zach Mitchell
  • Lewis Dodgson
  • Travis Dodgson
  • Leo Dodgson
  • Samuel Wu
  • Timothy Murphy
  • Henry Wu


The sequel, or the 7th Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World: Apocalypse Part 2 will take place after the dinosaurs are once again released, but this time, pose a greater threat than just human extinction.

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